QUASES-IMFP-TPP2M Ver.3.0 (developed by Sven Tougaard)

Updated Ver 3.0 (April 2016) with an option to include relativistic corrections.  

This software provides facilities to determine the inelastic electron mean free paths by the Tanuma Powell and Penn algorithm (TPP2M):  
S. Tanuma, C. J. Powell, D. R. Penn: Surf. Interf. Anal.,Vol. 21, 165 (1994)


The software includes a database with parameters for

  • All elements
  • Many Compounds, oxides, polymers and organics
  • It also has a facility with which the user can easily add new materials to the database

The software is free for non-commercial use and can be downloaded here:  QUASES-IMFP-TPP2M software